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I’ve started telling people that what I do for a living is write content for people to illicit an influential response. Not everything I do is to get someone to buy something — although that might be the overall high-level goal. I write a variety of content to inform, influence, educate — and yes, sell.

But what most people don’t understand unless they live in the marketing space is that there are different ways to do this. And it’s based on several factors, such as who is your target audience? What is the call to action? …

And no one warned me.

I’ve always been a light sleeper.

I remember spending the night with friends growing up and being awakened in the night to them talking in their sleep or just laying awake in the dark.

I blame a lot of my sleep habits on being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at the young age of seven. It turns out that fluctuating blood sugar levels during the night has a significant impact on your sleep quality. …

What I’ve learned in my first week as a full-time freelancer

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I’m standing at the kitchen counter half-dressed. Well, my hair and makeup are done and I have a nice top on, but the bottom half is dressed in comfy sweatpants. I would look very much presentable for a web conference call.

I’m listening to my two boys, ages four and 19 months, play around on an inflatable air mattress in the living room.

Welcome to the life of a freelance working mom.

I chose this life. It’s my first week of this new life and it’s been one of reflection.

In the past few years, it has become very apparent…

Can you see it, my sweet boy?

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My son, what do you see when you look at me?

Do you see a woman who is tired in both her mind and her bones?

Do you see someone who worries every day about if I am parenting you right?

I know you think I’m “mean” sometimes when I don’t always let you get your way. But, my sweet boy, I hope I am doing what is right for you.

When you look at your mom, do you see a girl who is still figuring out life?

Can you see how my dreams and decisions are always with you…

New-to-me clothing has never felt so good

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I’m going to be really honest here; I think the consumerist society of our country is toxic. We have become a land of gross excess, while many still live in extreme poverty. People with means treat quality goods as disposable so they can make room for what’s shiny and new.

And here’s another truth: I’ve been there.

I’ve never been wealthy, but I’ve been middle-class my whole life, always having what I needed with some extra cash to spend. When I was younger, I bought into the marketing of wanting clothes that were trendy and name-brand handbags. And don’t get…

Am I crazy? Maybe. But I’m a millennial mom on a mission.

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Let’s start this post with gratitude. Like many, expressing my gratitude is something that I don’t do regularly, unfortunately. Blame it on our current culture or the lack of brain space to remember one more goddamn thing, but I need a mindfulness app on my phone to remind me to recognize the good in my life.

The sheer fact that I am able to quit my full-time, salaried corporate writing job is because of my husband. He’s propped me up emotionally for years now, and now he’s going to carry the weight of being our financial stability if my plan…

When you don’t really care about turkey and pumpkin pie

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I feel a little un-American and a lot like Chandler Bing when Thanksgiving rolls around. While everyone around me is drooling over the upcoming feast, I could not care any less. Does that make me ungrateful for the dinner I will be attending? No. But I also wouldn’t feel like I’d be missing out on anything if I missed it.

The reality is that something happens as you get older. The magic and excitement fades from holidays that you once adored as a kid when you realize how much work they are and instead of getting a break from the…

Now what?

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Hey, remember when the kids got back-to-back ear infections and you thought life was being unkind?

Or when a week later a 24-hour stomach bug rolled through the house and you thought, Okay, just a bout of Fall germs?

And then the high-fever upper respiratory virus that kept the littlest out of daycare for three days was just the kicker.

But no, the universe wasn’t done. This lady has used so much PTO in the past month that her co-workers wonder if she still works here, let’s see how she deals with this:

Strep throat.

White flag is waving. Towel…

The liberation of being honest and vulnerable

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The better part of my life was spent caring way too much about what others thought of me, even when I said I didn’t. Call it what you want — a true people-pleaser, Enneagram 9, result of an emotionally-neglected childhood — I wanted to fit in and have people like me. My head was constantly filled with made-up thoughts of what I imagined others were thinking about me.

Then one day it stopped.

I can’t tell you exactly when or why, but I feel it has a lot to do with publicly sharing my writing. I had these thoughts and…

Kendra Perley

Freelance content writer & strategist in the B2B space | Plant Obsessed | MA in Cultural Anthropology

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